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Volunteer with Portland ESL Network

The Portland ESL Network is looking for volunteer interns! We are seeking the following positions. Please contact us if you are interested!

Quarterly Updater

Join the Portland ESL Network team to update a section of the website at the beginning of each quarter.

  • Contact each ESL class and verify and update the class information
  • Make appropriate updates to the network’s database
  • Test links to make sure they are still active
  • Search for new classes in your assigned area of the city (ie. North Portland, Gresham, etc)
  • Post any new classes or changes to FB as necessary
  • Attend a quarterly Portland ESL Network meeting
  • When appropriate help promote the website (ie. manage a Portland ESL Network table at resource fair, hand out brochures)

News Publisher/Networker

We need a publisher to help with publicity helping people who need to find ESL classes and resources will learn about the Portland ESL Network service.

  • Email articles regarding the latest Portland ESL Network happenings to community newsletters, email list serves, school for school newsletters, newspapers, online forums and calendars, etc.
  • Research social service newsletters and list serves and send email with a paragraph explaining the Portland ESL Network to social services (Goal of 10 list serves reaching at least 25 people each)
  • Post Portland ESL Network volunteer opportunities on FB and CNRG and Appling
  • Network to help find new class information to add to the class list database
  • Post weekly news/tips/esl resources to FB

Students Page Makeover

  • Test current links
  • Add new ones, remove links from sites that are too complicated for beginning ESL Students to use.
  • Format page to be aesthetically pleasing
  • Update student computer assignment
  • Publicize page among ESL students
  • Conduct survey with students regarding what they would like and use on the wiki
  • Add cell phone apps/resources section