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Address: 200 NE 20th Ave, Ste. 10 Portland, OR 97232


Contact: (503) 238-5790 or

Phone: (503) 238-5790


Class Type(s): ESL

Level(s): Any

Cost: Fee ($)


Intercambio Program . Free One-on-one Spanish-English, Personal Tutoring (start any time); native English-speaking tutor and English learner decide where to meet once a week for two hours, 1.5 hours in English and 30 minutes in Spanish; minimum six month commitment; textbook fee: $26-30, depending on level. Formal instruction with an English teacher; small groups of max. 6 students. One class of two hours per week for ten weeks, $250; textbook fee: $25. Continuing.. Call or email us for more information.

Last updated: April 05, 2020

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer Coordinator: Call or e-mail

Volunteer Contact: (503) 238-5790 or

Time Slots Needed: Flexible

Time Commitment Requested: 4 hours per week

Training Offered?: Yes

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